4-Way Street – Crosby, Stills, Nash , & Young

Recorded live at Fillmore East NY, Chicago Auditorium, and The Forum in LA, 4-WAY STREET, remains as one of the most influential live albums of the rock era. This album caught David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young at the height of their commercial azymuth. The acoustic set captures the quartet’s remarkable singer/songwriter … Continue reading

Pioneer SX650 Receiver

Not the actual pic since I rushed it for rehab as soon as I got my hands on it. The wood sideburns and top were blashemously painted gray so it still has some vereering work to be done -paging Nocti! There was actually a mint unit on the market last year, but I just couldn’t get myself to … Continue reading

Guy&Pip Vi&Bot atbp.

December, 2011       The west had the British Invasion back in the early sixties culminating with the Summer of Love by around 1967. Back here home, as the sixties was drawing to a close, we had our own music invasion. Well, maybe not exactly to music critics’ delight, but this musical offensive flooded … Continue reading

Petrified Anthem

Here’s three from my favorite band of the Pinoy Rock & Rythm era       Waiting To Be Found “Rise up brothers, don’t let it get you down, there’ll always be others, waiting to be found” Sarap!       Drinking Wine The influence of the Allman Bros band is quite evident here. Listen to … Continue reading

The Rolling Stones

The Beatles-Stones comparison/analogy has been with us ever since the onset of the first British Invasion of the sixties. This unjust comparison, for me, is just that – unjust.. It’s like comparing apples and oranges, While one is, more often than not, sweet, the other can sometimes sting. Pero maski na na paso ka na sa asim nung isa, binabalik balikan mo … Continue reading


For quite some time now, we’ve had this game with Robert (rvc) called “flukes of albums”. we refer to flukes as cuts that are out of character from the album or style of the artist. more often than not, these flukes garnered more radio airplay and turned out to be our preferred song in that … Continue reading

A Date With The Tono Personal 807 part 1

Had my first date with the Tono Personal last weekend. Am not one to really review equipment, more so posting it. So in order to be as objective as possible, this review will in no way compare this amp with other brands. Rather, I will be basing this evaluation on what I call an “Evolution … Continue reading

Good or Bad Music

Head Banging Corner Sorry, no loud guitar riffs or extended drum solos here as the title may have suggested. This corner is dedicated to musings/questions about music. Your inputs are highly appreciated. (In response to a WS discussion re good and bad music) Is there really such a thing as “good” or “bad” music? I … Continue reading

The Golden Age of Phil Pop Radio Pt. 2 – UW (FM)

“Love me for a reason, And let that reason be love . . .” Watched a Donny Osmond DVD last night so that’s probably the reason why that tune keeps whispering in my head. Decided some mushy Osmond songs would fit this lazy Sunday afternoon. But as I was going thru my CDs/records, a sudden … Continue reading

The Golden Age Of Phil Pop Radio Pt. 1

Noon, wala pang internet. Noon, wala pang iPod. Wala pa ring CD. Meron ngang mga plaka pero kakapiranggot naman ang mapagpipilian. Kaya sa radyo lang nakatutok ang ating mga tenga. . . . AM pa!! It’s amazing to think that just a few decades ago our music preferences were significantly influenced by the AM radio. Compared to the infinite choices made possible by present technology, the AM … Continue reading