For quite some time now, we’ve had this game with Robert (rvc) called “flukes of albums”. we refer to flukes as cuts that are out of character from the album or style of the artist. more often than not, these flukes garnered more radio airplay and turned out to be our preferred song in that particular album.

Here’s some:

Sao Paolo


from the group that brought you Yowsah, Yowsah and Le Freak comes an instrumental Bossa number. Very out of character but very nice.


Harvey’s Tune

(Super Session)

Hidden among all the raw blues rifts lies a jazz tinged gem in the tradition of Sanborn, Brecker et al . It looks like this cut was just added as an afterthought.


Looking out For #1

Bachman Turner Overdrive (Head On)

Hard driving BTO downshifts in this cocktail jazz ballad. The band’s street-dirty guitar work is replaced by a Wes Montgomeryish style.
Why fluke?  This was BTO’s only entry to the easy listening charts.


Tell Me In A Whisper

Edgar Winter
(Jasmine Nightdreams)

As above, this RnB/blues group mellows down to the Samba beat. Liner notes reveal that this particular song was influenced by Astrud Gilberto.


Sunny Side Of Heaven

Fleetwood mac
(Bare Trees)

You’d hardly believe this was a Mac tune. starts off like an intro for a 60’s movie score (reminds me of Midnight Cowboy). Its melody and beat sounds like it comes from an old western with gene autry riding off into the sunset. Very unbluesy, very unMac.


Love Is You


Except for the guitar playing towards the end, there is nothing in this song that sounds like Devadip. AArangements are lush, clean and structured. Melody is very predictable. Having said that, i still like this song.



Kurtis Blow

Rap artist Blows shows a different side when he recorded this cool R n B number. Actually the only song i like from this artist.


San Jose

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

From the guys that brought you Relax, again comes another Bossa influenced Bacharach cover.



David Gates
(Goodbye Girl)

Another one of our favorites with rvc. David Gates of Bread fame crosses over from syrupy love songs to jazz in this song. Notice the 2 min instrumental intro (very uncommon then) befrore the vocal sets in.
Farfisa galore!


Lahai Luna / Guitar Etude #3

Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisberg
(Twin Sons Of Diff Mothers)

I can understand Weisberg but Its hard to believe Country singer Fogelberg collaborated in these numbers. Very fusion. In fact these two songs were regulars of the fusion stations talked about in the neighboring thread.



Main Ingredient

The Main Ingredient is known for their lush arrangements and the “Philly” wall of sound. In this cut, the arrangement was reduced to a simplistic percussion and flute. And the Bossa tempo of the percussion makes this Stevie Wonder cover a candidate for fusion/crossover.


Nashville Sneakers

Blues flavored Bus Rider, hard- driving American Woman, Acid-inspired Friends of Mine – these defined the music of the Guess Who and 70’s classic rock. But hey, they did manage to insert this jazzy swing/boogie number making it my favorite fluke.

Different artists, different styles. recordings of different persuasions that span more than a decade between them. But if you bunch these up in a single compilation, you will come up with a cool selection na bagay sa isa’t isa (that fit each other to a T).

you might want to join our game and add some more.

– Feb, 2007

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