Petrified Anthem

Here’s three from my favorite band of the Pinoy Rock & Rythm era




Waiting To Be Found

“Rise up brothers,
don’t let it get you down,
there’ll always be others,
waiting to be found”




Drinking Wine

The influence of the Allman Bros band is quite evident here.
Listen to the slide guitar – reminds you of “Melissa”?
You can almost imagine Duane playing with the band.





Something For Everyone.



2 Responses to “Petrified Anthem”
  1. Nonoy Bonzon says:

    all I can say is that PetAnt was totally a part of the pinoy rock wave back in the mid 1970s. It is just too bad that JDC always is the first name to be mentioned. People forget that there were other groups and singers who also contribute equally.

    and yes all three songs mentioned are also my favorite PetAnt songs.

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