Guy&Pip Vi&Bot atbp.

December, 2011




The west had the British Invasion back in the early sixties culminating with the Summer of Love by around 1967.
Back here home, as the sixties was drawing to a close, we had our own music invasion.
Well, maybe not exactly to music critics’ delight, but this musical offensive flooded the Jukeboxes, AM radio, local variety TV shows  and movies.

Philippine Love Teams circa 1969-1974
The elite called them bakya.  The masa idolized them and their music with a frenzy.
The late 60’s-early 70’s Love Team trend was a force to reckon with in the local entertainment industry.
Foremost of these Love Teams were Guy & Pip and Vi & Bot which set the pattern followed by secondary duos like Romy & Perla, Darius & Rhodora, Sonny & Millie, Eddie & Espie and countless others who, individually and as duets, sang and danced their way to the delight of their fans.
Hard to tell if this was the precursor to OPM since the name of the game then was to mimic western hits.

I have been collecting these video clips for my personal entertainment when it just dawned on me that I may actually be taking a glimpse into an episode of our local music history, that no matter how cheesy, reigned supreme for that brief period. I am not here to pass judgment on the talent or lack thereof.
Whatever contribution, if any,  they may have given to the local music business may be arguable but the fact remains that these are now part of our local music history for the simple reason that these were recorded, documented, and now shared for both our informative consumption and entertainment as we look in retrospect.

So let’s share a chuckle, give out a giggle, Shing-A-Ling and Bugaloo down memory lane as we watch these vids.
Ika nga ng idol ko na si JQ –“Tikit Awi”

Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz 111 aka Guy &Pip was the iconic 70’s Love Team that started it all.
The “tisoy-paired-with-the-little-brown-girl” was an unprecedented formula which proved to be so successful that up to the present, Guy&Pip is still considered to be the most famous Love Tandem of local film industry

Here is their rendition of that Intruders classic “Together”

Tirso Cruz 111 was actually a hip dude before teaming up with Nora Aunor. I remember watching him, sporting almost shoulder length hair, perform on the Nine Teeners TV show.
And if my memory serves me right, this was on the same day that the show introduced the  Juan dela Cruz Band to the public.
I guess his pairing with Nora called for  drastic repackaging – Out with the shoulder length locks, in with that famous kulot patilya.

Here’s Tirso Cruz111 with his version of Mike Curb’s When Somebody Cares For You

During her reign as one half the most popular couple  in local cinema, Nora Aunor was paired with other teenage actors probably for the purpose of variety.
Matinee celebrities such as Manny de Leon, Cocoy Laurel, scion of the prominent Laurel clan, Walter Navarro, and others sang their way as leading men in other Nora musicals.

Manny de Leon was a teenage matinee idol that was being groomed to be another partner of Nora Aunor.
1970 was the busiest year for Nora which saw her making 18 movies in that year alone.
Manny de leon starred with her in 10 out of those 18.
The next clip is a duet by Manny and Nora of that Dave Clark 5 favorite, “Because

As a sidebar to this post, Nora Aunor also paired up with foreign actors like Indian international actor, Sajid Khan.
 Others, well, not exactly love team, but in film, showed their love interest to Nora.
Watch the following clips as Don Johnson of Miami Vice fame and Davy Jones of the Monkees serenade Guy
from the Cocoy Laurel-Nora Aunor starrer “Lollipos and Roses

Davy Jones serenades Nora Aunor with the “French Song”

Inunahan pa ni Nora si Streisand!
Don Johnson singing Bacharach’s Close To You


Naduduling na yung mata ko sa kaka cut and paste sa Youtube.
Let’s pause and take a  commercial break.

I’m sure you all know the Caronia Girl in that commercial.
Yup!, Ate Vi – one half of the Vi &Bot tandem – a pair that almost gave Guy & Pip a run for their money.
Here’s the other half. Bot (Edgar Mortiz) belting out that Bobby Helms classic “My Special Angel”
Take  note that though this was an early 70’s recording, the arrangement fills you with that 50’s Do-wop feel.
Mukhang napako na yata sa 1950’s yung nag areglo nito.

Interesting trivia is that Edgar was the original partner of Nora in the Oras ng Ligaya TV program before Tirso entered the picture.

Darius Razon and Rhodora Silva match up was one of the secondary love teams that followed the footsteps of Guy/Pip and Vi/Bot.
And though their fan base wasn’t that huge, it was probably decent in number perhaps for them to land recording contracts.
And if you listen in to the arrangement on the vid, mukhang pinag gastusan naman ng recording company yung areglo.
From his album “Debonaire”, taka a listen to Darius Razon “Never Leave Me”

Tragedy struck Darius when he lost a daughter in the 92 elections and then again, a son to a car accident in 2002.
So there’s a certain poignancy listening to the lyrics now when you realize what this man has gone thru.
Tama na mga kelot. Mga bebot naman!

Long before Game Ka Na Ba, there was Spin-A-Win – that long running game show hosted by Jeanne Young.
Daughter of 1950’s actress Mila del Sol, teenage Jeanne tried her hand in the movies being once paired to Tirso.
Yup, there was “infidelity” to the love teams then with one actor crossing over to this actress and doing a flick or two.
Maybe these ”flings” were the industry’s way of adding spice and variety to the relationships.

Take a listen as Jeanne Young spins it with “Bang-Shang-A-Lang”

For Sahlee Quizon, being tisay and cute was a plus factor.
But being the daughter of Dolphy was the sure ticket to entering the industry.
Sahlee Quizon was originally the ka love team of Novo Bono Jr.

From that 1968 classic “Hair”, here’s Sahlee with “Good Morning Starshine”

The team up with Novo Bono Jr. was probably unsuccessful because Sahlee later partnered, though briefly, with Eddie Peregrina (who was with Espie), Tirso (who was with Guy but was once attached to Jeanne), Manny (who was also with Guy). . . but Guy was originally with Bot. . .

Pucha! Nahilo ako doon. Break muna uli!

Isa munang patalastas

Ok, I lied. This is actually a late 70’s ad and not “period correct” as my friend rvc would say.
I just love this ad and my friend had a big crush then on Joyce Isaac.

Anyway, talking about commercials. Some songs were made popular by the advertisement they were in.
Here are two:

If you remember the Electrolux Man, you’ll remember this ditty by Perla Adea, who was teamed up with Romy Mallari.
But Perla also cut an album with Tirso, who was then still with Nora, who at the same time was with Manny. . .

Close Up toothpaste had a couple of good  soundtracks for their 70’s ads.
Here is Walter Navarro’s “unique” adaptation of Close Up Smile.

Ok, before we get all our Fs and Ps, Vs and Bs, mixed up, let’s put our tongues back on track with these two tisoys who also threw their hats into the loveteam bandwagon.
Ed Finlan was already TV host before entering the movies.
When Lea Productions wanted to do a film entitled “Haydee”, based on the Gary Lewis-Jinky Suzara love story, they were scouting around for a Caucasian looking male to play Gary Lewis.  Ed Finlan was tapped for the role.
He was to be paired with the newly-discovered Hilda Coronel.

Popularized by Andy Williams, This is Happy Heart by Ed Finlan from the movie “Haydee”

Sonny Carrey aka Sonny Cortez was our neighbor in  Baguio.
He used to hang out with my older cousins when we spent the summers there.  I remember him walking over to our place, guitar in tow, from their house right at the foot of Dominican Hill.  He’d spend the afternoons at the house while his American mom and my Ilocana lola had their mahjong sessions.
Sonny was actually a cool dude. – a big fan of the Beatles and Dave Clark 5 with his bedroom filled with posters of Paul Revere and the Raiders and MC5.
I don’t think he was in to any film but he had a weekly show called Sonny Side Up.
He was also popular for  RPN9‘s Sugar Song which he sang with Millie Mercado.

Sonny Cortez with his rendition of The Flying Machine’s “Smile A Little Smile For Me”

Gotta take a cigarette break so I’ll leave you guys for a sec while we have another commercial break

I know that last commercial wasn’t exactly a breath of fresh air but this final chapter  “who the hell stole the lyrics? Will surely blow you away!

The LoveTeam trend saw its peak around the early 70’s
It was also about this time that the music industry was flooded with the “So-and-sos of the Philippines”.
Novo Bono Jr. was the Tom Jones of the Phil, Toto and His Children-Jackson 5 of the Phil. etc…
Who was the Sinatra of the Phil. Julius Obregon ba or Dale Adriatico? – I forget.

Boy Mondragon, billed as the Michael Jackson of the Phil with his rendition of the Jackson 5’s La La Means I love You

When you’re in that century???

The title of Jukebox King of the Philippines was hotly contested by the following two personalities.
No jukebox would be ever complete without the 45s of Eddie Peregrina and Victor Wood.
Sinatra’s “My Way” would certainly take a beating to Peregrina’s “Mardy” or Wood’s “Mr. Lonely”
Eddie Peregrina. – when the musical angels set  the mold for this guy, one of the angels probably kept the mold for safekeeping.
Decades after, rusted and deformed, the mold was then again used for April Boy Regino.
It didn’t work out quite as well this time since no amount of April Boys, even a hundred, could match the iconic uniqueness of one Eddie P.

Eddie Peregrina crooning his sig song “What Am I Living For

It’s not for you…???

Ok, saving the best for last!
No introductions needed for this man.
When Eddie P. passed away in1977, there was no other contender that even came close to challenge the true Jukebox king – Victor Wood

Someone surely stole the lyrics on this one.
Here’s Victor Wood with an all time favorite of mine – “Daddy Cool

So there you have it folks. Another trip down memory lane.
It might have been a waste of time, but hopefully a good waste of time with some chuckles along the way.

The next question may be why do I collect these clips?
I am still searching my soul seeking for the answer.

Is there a hidden part of me with a warped sense of music appreciation?
Am I at that crossroads clinging to the innocence of my youth?
Will the world ever find peace, even just a “leell” while?
Will Guy ever come back to Pip?
Will I ever unearth the true lyrics of “Daddy Cool”?
Will Walter ever find out that there is such a thing as the letter F?

Tsk, tsk, so many questions, so leell time…
Till we meet again,


Dedicated to Eddie Peregrina  and Walter Navarro
Thanks for the laughter guys!
I know you’re belting out those ballads up there.
Don’t worry – am sure He wouldn’t mind you mixing up a few Fs and Ps.
…but you know what? Sing it the way you sing it!
I know He could use a laugh or two nowadays.







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