Pioneer SX650 Receiver

Pioneer SX650

Not the actual pic since I rushed it for rehab as soon as I got my hands on it.
The wood sideburns and top were blashemously painted gray so it still has some vereering work to be done -paging Nocti!
There was actually a mint unit on the market last year, but I just couldn’t get myself to bite the 10k asking price.

This model, (a HS grad gift from my parents), turned me on to audio.
Driving a pair of Pioneer CS something speakers, the 650 and I spent countless hours of musical bliss – ignorant of soundstage, timbre, Prat, etc…
There is something to be said about this “audiophile innocence” when music was THE only factor.
Whatever I and my music are now was nurtured during these ignorant times.
I have the 650 to thank for this.

Welcome back home my friend.


Full review:

Aug, 2010


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