Slowhand’s Blackie


Ok, we have BB King’s Lucille. Brian May’s Red Special, Willie Nelson’s Trigger. But probably the most influential of all these guitars is Eric Clapton’s Blackie

A lot of Eric Clapton’s classic songs were probaly played on this most famous guitar in rock history.

But not so many people know that Blackie is the sum of different Strats EC bought one day in Nashville:
“Right after I’d seen Steve Winwood playing his white Strat,” begins Eric, “I was in Nashville and I went into this shop called Sho-Bud where they had stacks of Strats going for virtually nothing because they were so unfashionable and so unwanted. I bought a big pile of them all for a song – they were really cheap, like three or $400 each – and I took them home and gave them out. I gave Steve one, I gave Pete Townshend one, I gave George Harrison one and I kept a few. I made Blackie out of a group of them; I took the pickups out of one, the scratchplate off another and the neck off another and I made my own guitar – a hybrid guitar that had all the best bits from all these Strats.

“I wore it out too. Its pretty well inaccessible now – there’s not much of the neck left. It’s worn away on either side and on the back with wear and tear.

“What makes Blackie unique for me is the fact that I made it! It was one of the last guitars that I actually built myself, really. Therefore it felt like it was invested with some kind of soul, you know”

After strict measurement and analysis of the original Blackie, the Fender Custom Shop reissued 275 of these guitars, similar to the original, in 2006. The reproduction Blackies were constructed by a team of master builders, with each of the various 275 produced being assigned to one master builder. They were sold out in a matter of hours after its release.
EC auctioned off Blackie  for the benefit of Crossroads Centre in 2004 and fetched over $950,000!


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