In A Gadda Da Vida – (Iron Butterfly)

In A Gadda Da Vida:
Anyone who grew up in the 70’s would be familiar with this 17 minute ‘epic’ by Iron Butterfly.
This song had the distinction of being both a dance favorite and a regular during  chemical and/or organic induced altered state ‘sessions’ (read stoned).  🙂

Here’s a little trivia on this song:
The original title was In The Garden Of Eden.
This was written by Dough Ingle who played keyboards for the band and if I’m not mistaken was also the vocalist.
Anyway, the story goes that when the band members first heard the tune, they asked Ingle the title of the song.
Ingle was so smashed/stoned/drunk that he just slurred  “in a gadda da vida”.
And the rest as they say is history!


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