November HiFi Show Posters

As one of the founders and organizers of the November HiFi Show, I also double up as the resident graphic designer.
And one of my tasks is to conceptualize and design the posters for the show.
The following is a run-through of those we have done.

For this first year, I wanted to play safe with a straightforward design using images like the Clearaudio turntable, the Audio Research vacuum tube pre amp, and a Dynaco ST70 vacuum tube power amp.


Having gone thru that first year, I realized I could let some of those creative juices out.
This poster was inspired by the Led Zep 3 album cover.
Using a similar typeface for the main title and replacing the icons of the original album cover with audio equipment and accessories .


The ‘Led Zep” poster was well received so I went on with other out-of-the-box concept/designs.
I have always been a fan of RCA Victor’s Nipper and gramophone logo but the poor dog has been listening to that old wind up contraption for so long, – why not give him a break and let him hear what the audio industry has been up to nowadays. Here’s a more contemporary take to that iconic logo.


This was the year that Coca Cola had its “burst into happiness” ad campaign.
Taking a cue from this, I designed this psychedelic inspired concept with audio equipment
“bursting out of your mind”.
Even the tagline connotes the psychedelic era.
This was the only year that the show was held in December.


For this year, the guys and I decided for a retro 70’s concept using a vintage audio magazine advertisement as design featuring the venerable Technics SL 1200 turntable as the  product advertised.


I went back to the album-inspired concept and used Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon.
Replaced the prism with the Roman numeral 6 and adding the yellow band Mobile Fidelity Records is known for.


Another “spinoff” concept. This one from the Casino Royale jacket design.
Don’t you just love that psychedelic “body paint”?
By the way, that’s a tonearm on her other hand.

 blown 1

This was the promo poster and image used for ads.
Official poster was conceptualised by someone else.

poster nov 5


2013 was the HiFi Show’s 10th anniversary. We invited world-renowned analogue guru, Michael Fremer, to grace the show and give a turntable setup workshop. An analogue concept was implemented for this year’s poster.

More on the 2013 poster:




 calibre ad tonearm 1a jpeg




Jpeg for posting
Shows my fascination for Warhol and the psychedelic 60s?  😉

Nov Hifi Poster 2016 for postA

I’ve always been wanting to play around with this iconic album cover.
Been holding back the past years since I knew that it was a bitch to do. 🙂
It’s a good thing I was advised earlier so had ample time to work on it.

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  1. […] Ever since my preteens, I have always been fascinated with the works of Peter Max, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Stanley Mouse & The Family Dog artists. The influences of these artists can be seen in some of the posters I’ve done for the November HiFi Show. […]

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