Confessions of a Frustrated Rocker

Being a frustrated rocker, one of the entries in my Bucket List is to perform onstage playing a blues number.
As a teen, I dabbled with simple guitar chords found in the pull out of Jingle Music Magazine.
But some years back, when I was in my mid 30s, I wanted to push my personal envelope a little further, so I decided to get me a teacher.
He comes over to the house thrice a week for  two to four hour sessions.
For some peculiar reason, which I never bothered to ask why, he always wore orange socks.
I was making progress (I think 🙂 )  during those months of guitar tutoring, when my teacher told me that he knew Binky Lampano of the Lampano Alley Blues Band.
He would request Binky if I could do one number with the Lampano Alley during one of their gigs.
My “recital” piece would have been “Stormy Monday” by the Allman Bros. Band.
All I could think of then was – WOW!!!
Binky’s gravelly voice ala Gregg Allman while I was doing the chores of rhythm guitar would have been a dream come true!

Needless to say, and much to the irritation of my family, “Stormy Monday” was heard in my house every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday all the way to Sunday – practice, practice, practice.

Then one day my teacher disappeared . . . and ran away with 2 of my guitars.
I have never seen or heard from him since.
I never got to do that gig with Binky.
I lost 2 guitars.
Most importantly, I lost all interest to pursue any further guitar playing.

So from being a frustrated rocker, I was reduced to just being frustrated. :(

Those tutorials also gave me  interest in collecting guitars.
I started with a Korean Strat, went on with a solid body Gibson,
Then to a vintage Epiphone, and finally to a 1964 Hagstrom.
That fire red Hag was one of the guitars my teacher ran away with.
So if anyone happens to bump into a dude by the name of Albert,
wearing orange socks and carrying a fire red ’64 Hagstrom, shoot me a mail.


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