Gift of God


May 10, 2012

As some of you may have known, my wife has been battling the Big C for the last few years.
So far so good.
She is taking this ‘test’ a day at a time and grateful for each day that this disease hasn’t reared its ugly head again.
In spite of all the trials we have been through, she still considers herself blessed.
My wife wants to give back in appreciation for this blessing.

We are fostering an abandoned child up until a time that adoptive parents could be found.
We believe that giving this child a nurturing home, even for just a brief period, may lay a better foundation as a step towards being in a permanent home and family.

Our original plan was to foster a 2 to 3-year-old given that it’s been quite a while since there was a pre-toddler in our home. Our youngest is 15 years old.
Last week, we were informed that an eight-month old baby was available; and that if no foster parents were interested, this child would be tossed around from one institution to another until fostered or permanently adopted.
Without much hesitation (but with a little anxiety), we agreed to take him in with us.

This may leave a ding to an already slightly dented financial situation. But more than this, we have to be prepared for that separation anxiety once we have to turn over the child to his adoptive parents.
Maski paano, mapapamahal na rin sa amin yung bata.
My family is willing to take that risk as long as we could give the child a better home, albeit temporary one, before he moves on to his permanent family, once adopted.

But here’s the thing. We have given away all our baby stuff a long time ago.
Family and friends have offered this and that and we were wondering if any of you might have some baby things lying around that are of no use to you anymore.
Maybe you’d like to share in this blessing.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, and by the way, his name is Matthew – supposedly translated – “gift of God”.



July 19, 2012    (1:45 AM)


2 AM feedings, diaper changes, sleepless nights. etc. . .
Kinda taxing for a couple old enough to be grandparents and doing the routine of young mom and dads.
Our regular household sched has been overhauled and centered on Matthew’s feeding/bathing/sleeping time.
I also have to remind myself always to watch my back when bending down to pick him up from the playpen.
Bye bye Mythbusters, River Monsters, Anthony Bourdaine, etc..

But then, you’re gifted with that smile, that innocent chuckle, that pleasure of making him sleep in your arms, that magic feeling which envelopes you when his tiny hand embraces your finger.
I am once again reliving these simple joys.
Also there are those “Mastercard moments” when I see all my four boys leaving their laptops and crouching on all fours playing with the baby.

It is no small miracle that we have all learned to love Matthew in just so short a time.
A miracle in a sense that we all could never have imagined how we could love this “stranger” as our own.

I was never prepared for this outpouring of love and from where it comes.
I guess it is a testament that there truly is a God up there.

Gotta go and prepare the milk.



Oct 17, 2012

Matthew just took his first steps.

Oh no! Time to put that grill back on those speakers!!

he’s been whizzing around in his walker the past weeks.
I noticed a few dents on the speaker dustcap.
Am usually upset with things like these, but somehow i caught myself smiling now.

Oh and by the way, It’s his birthday today!!



June 19, 2013

The matching committee was set to meet at 10am. . .
I’ve been on pins and needles the whole day. . .
Couldn’t even get to taste my lunch. . .
Until we received this text message . . .

I cried. . .

Yup, we decided to adopt Matthew last year but couldn’t announce it to the world then.
Not surprisingly, it was a long process and during that time, my wife and I were often asked how our kids feel about this.
But you know what? It was them that broached the idea of adoption.
We explained the consequences of formally adopting Matthew and they didn’t even blink!
Good kids. . .
As Capt. Von Trapp sung to Maria – “We must have done something good”

So here’s the newest member of the family, truly a Gift of God.


I look forward to the day when daddy teaches me ‘bout tubes, records,
and other audio tweaks and tricks. . .
But I’m not rushing.
Snuggling between mommy and daddy while listening to the iPod is good enough for now.
I’m taking it a day at a time . . and cherishing every moment

Thank you to everyone –
family and friends   for the prayers and
continued support in helping me find my family.
I knew naman from that first day that I had a family here with mom and dad, my brothers and sister.
I hear it still has to go to court. Long process.
It’s not official, but no one can ever take them away from me.

– Matty



June 19, 2013

Matt has an eclectic playlist.
Aside from Mr Golden Sun courtesy of his brother’s iPad, he jiggles to
Urszula Dudziak’s Papaya – courtesy of the stereo system.
Sits awestruck to Earl Grant’s End Of A Rainbow and Percy Faith’s Theme from a Summer Place –courtesy of that afterlunch program on DZMM Teleradyo.
And of course, how could he escape Gangnam Style – courtesy of his yaya.
I might have to try some Aretha next week – just to balance this off. :)



  July 8, 2014

Its been almost a year since I said hi to all my online uncles/aunts here.
Well . . . Hi!
I don’t know who this Jagger guy my dad keeps telling me but I dig his music! 8)
Now, if only I could sing it to you guys . . .



June 21, 2015

Has it been almost a year again?
Well I started school last week and learned a song about toes, knees, shoulder and . . . yah, the head too.

But this one is way too cooler. I didn’t learn it in school though.
My dad taught it to me.



August 10, 2016



To all those who accompanied me with prayers in this journey,
thanks, thanks!!
Now I gotta practice writing my new name –  ang haba kasi!!
. . . but that’s perfectly fine.  🙂

– Joaquin Mateo Bustamante (Matty)


(to be continued)

3 Responses to “Gift of God”
  1. Anonymous says:

    You and your family has done a noble deed adopting Matthew. You’re giving out love, and love will come your way. Your family will be blessed for you have blessed this child with a home, parents, siblings and unconditional love and care as if he was your own blood.

    A very inspiring read.

  2. bb3 says:

    Yes, we are truly blessed.
    My day isn’t complete if I don’t get a chance to play with matthew even for just a while.
    Thank you for the kind words.

  3. gayevalerie says:

    Thank you for sharing he is truly a Gift From God. You should post more as Matty is growing bigger. He is so adorable.

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