Baduy or Jologs Music


Every generation, I think, had its share of “baduy” music. Having grown up in the 70’s, I remember the likes of Donny Osmond’s “Puppy Love”, Morris Albert’s “Feelings”, Mocedades’ “Eres Tu” falling into this category.
I am a big fan of “Bus Stop” by the Hollies. But I only found out recently from my older cousins na “baduy” daw pala ito nung panahon nila nung 60’s.
And I’m sure our 80’s wavers here in the forum have some tunes to share too.

Also, it was not the artist per se that defined whether a song was baduy or not. An elitistic attitude, by self-imposed music critics, starts to kick in once a song gets to be appreciated by a wider base (read ‘masa’) of audience.
Would you believe that DeepPurple’s “Smoke On The Water” and Led Zep’s “Stairway” were candidates that almost made it to this cutoff? Muntik-muntikan na rin si “Terminal”ni Rupert Holmes at “Father and Son” ni Cat Stevens.
I could go on and on pero baka marami na akong makaaway dito  🙂

Some factors in the 70’s that caused this phenomenon range from AM radio programming (“gasgas na tugtugan”) to the venerable 8-track music sa mga bus and jeepney. Isang katutak na “American Pie” ang maririnig mo sa biyaheng Monumento-Baclaran.
At present, our daily noontime shows don’t help any. I don’t want to sound snobbish but once a song is regularly played in Eat Bulaga, there’s really no where to go but down.
Look what happened to Ursula Dudziak’s “Papaya”!
Someone told me that the proliferation of mobile disco in the 80’s/90’s caused “You Got Lucky” to fall from the critics’ grace

But putting all the blame on these so called music critics is unfair.
Because how can you place a high opinion “Ocho-Ocho” or “Aringking-king”? The guys who penned these tunes should realize that you reap what you sow.
One does not need to be a music critic (self-imposed or not) to self-categorize these tunes.

But don’t despair. This phenomenon is not exclusive to the Philippines.
Isn’t Country & Western looked down upon by some quarters in the US? This prompted Elton John’s parody when he composed “Texan Love Song”.

But as most anything, time heals.
What was baduy then is now acceptable.
Most of the songs mentioned above are safely tucked in my iPod.
Nowadays, in between the Hendrixs’ and Ellington’s, I find myself listening to Donny’s “Go Away Little Girl” (hey, I even have his latest DVD :$ ) or Hanopol’s “Laki Sa Layaw”.

. . . However, I feel that it would still take a couple of decades for me to be able to synch “Ispagetting Pababa” to my iPod. :)


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