Of Purple Ties and Municipal Halls

It’s funny how the silliest of things can make one’s day.

A naughty remark here can sneak up on you with the smoothness of James Bond and leave a smile on your face in spite of a stressful ‘black suits’ sched.

There’s a certain silliness that’s tucked deep within us. Some say it takes a certain amount of courage to bring it out.
For fear of being laughed at? Maybe.
Yet for those who are willing to be mascots of ridicule, there’s a certain magic this silliness can blanket an otherwise colonoscopic mood.
“Roll with the punch” as others would say… but do it with a smile.

An innocent gym photo, an unintelligible comment, an imagined Noli de Castro concert – simple things like these can cause epic proportions of silliness when escorted with a touch of sarcasm, a pinch of absurdity, with a good heaping of wit – your general recipe for fleeting moments of juvenile foolishness

Few moments this silliness they may be . . . but as precious as freshly baked muffins.


Trust me 😉 . . .Oops!












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