My Listening Chair – The Eames Lounge


Eames Lounge Chair



I ate on her, I watched TV on her, I slept on her. . .

 Just like Joey and Chandler, this was my barcalounger.
At eleven years of age, this chair turned me into the youngest couch potato.

I was on that chair when Jerry West made that 60-foot buzzer beater against the Knicks which sent that finals game into overtime.

As a teen, it was on the Eames that I memorized that 4 minute-monologue of the Guess Who’s “Friends of Mine”. My mom heard the weird lyrics of that monologue and later on that night, gave me a lecture on the evils of Marijuana. And where was I during that 2 hour sermon? You guessed it! . . .  still sitting on the Eames.

I had a brief separation with the Eames when I spent my freshman year at the dorm.  I got back home the following year, and just like a loyal friend, the Eames welcomed me back with open arms and put me to sleep.

Moving into a smaller place, when I got married, forced me to say goodbye to my friend. I just couldn’t find the space to put her. . . it was either the Eames or our matrimonial bed!

So off to storage she went . . . for the next 30 years.

Finally got around to restoring this baby.

With current production Eames chairs going for us high as  USD3000,
I decided my original vintage 60’s finally needed that much awaited restore.
I approached several “boutique restorers” – each giving me a litany saying it can’t be done.
I was about to give up when I chanced upon an old-time furniture maker in Marikina who could work on the original vintage 5-ply shell.
Present Herman Milller production use 7-ply veneer for the shell.
This is still a work in progress (lower headrest, install foot gliders, double frame for cushions, genuine leather, etc) and using this first set as a prototype to get the restoration right.
The second one has likewise been waiting for a restore the past 30 years. :)

She’s back!
And just like the song goes –“love is lovelier, the second time around”.
Feeling her warm embrace around me, as I sat on her again, opened a floodgate of pleasant memories spent together.

As my listening chair, she’s now reunited with old friends – Eric, Jimi, Chicago, Santana, and yes! . . .even the Guess Who! I still remember the monologue:

‘In Flander’s Fields.
The hippies go,
To smoke the poppies
Down below” 😉


Oh and by the way, I still eat on her, I watch TV on her, I sleep on her. . .




“Things I Miss Most”  (Steely Dan)

…I kinda like frying up
My sad cuisine
Getting in bed and curling up with a girlie magazine
Sometimes in the corner of my eye
I see that adorable ghost
And then ba-boom I remember the things I miss the most

The talk
The sex
Somebody to trust
The comfy Eames chair
The good copper pans
The ’54 Strat
These are the things I miss the most…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re an idiot that chair is fake and so are you Henry Miller

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