A Junkyard Tale

Ooh, it makes me wonder. . . – Stairway to heaven              I swung by the neighborhood junkyard the other day to see if there was anything new/old. Oh yes, I’m a regular junkyard dog. But that’s another story. I was going through some nuts, bolts, and other metal whatnots when out of the corner … Continue reading

Sony STR7055 Receiver

May, 2011 Sony STR7055 Receiver Some of you have known my fascination for monster receivers. Vintage Stereo Collection Firing up these 100+ watt brutes is like pedal-to-the-metal with 200 horses under your hood on an empty freeway. With their sheer size and back-breaking weight, these monsters have the ability to grab your speakers by their balls … Continue reading

The Mixed Tape. . . The Table This Time

wood.stocks58@yahoo.com.ph   We’re taking a brief break from our usual modern industrial-oriental theme and going old school for our newest offering. Inspired by the blog: The Mixed Tape This coffee table just needs a final finish coat and glass top on recessed portion, and she’s good to go. My guys were taken aback when I jokingly … Continue reading