Half and a Quarter Cruise on Joey92.3

Y2K – The Millennium bug will cause computers to crash, bringing the whole world to a standstill.
Riots, chaos, anarchy! This could very well be the end of the world as we know it!
And I haven’t even made good a single entry in my bucket list! – one of which was to own a radio station and play the music I want.
With barely six months to go before D-day, I’ll be a rat’s ass if I could raise the millions to acquire one.

So what’s the next best thing?

Mid June on the year before the world was about to end, I was invited by Joey92.3 to line produce a weekly show. I proposed a thematic program for each week. But aside from the usual genre-related themes, I lined up a playlist such as Philly Soul, Jazz Fusion-inspired Soundtracks, Soft Rock Bossa, Crossovers Crossovers on Audiophile Jazz (Citylite 88.3), Flukes Flukes, etc.. In addition, current releases from my library were to be introduced via the show. These then would be played as part of the station’s regular programming.

I requested for three things during the presentation of the proposed program.

First, was to have blanket authority on the choice and sequence of songs per program since editing out or adding songs not in my playlist might derail the program’s theme and flow.

Second request was  for a DJ to talk about the songs/artists of which I also did the research for. I was going for that ‘old school’ touch – where listeners could feel that they were being played for by a real person and not a cold computer.

Third, was to give me a better timeslot other than the pathetic Saturday after lunch (read: siesta time) schedule they put forward. The station’s young hotshot music programmer shot down this last request  claiming that airing the show on a different time slot would not coincide with their regular format.  Funny (I thought to myself),  since it is widely known that 92.3 did not really have a format to speak of. Curiously, I asked hotshot what the station’s programming was about and how she chooses the songs to be played.
She curtly replied – “I can tell if a song is good upon hearing the first two notes”.

Whoah! Beethoven, The Beatles, and Madame Auring rolled into one!
I backed off with this third request.
Thinking that since the world was about to end in six months anyway, I suppose two out of three requests ain’t bad.

It was also decided that the pilot need not have a theme initially – but instead present a selection of songs to introduce the feel and format of the show.

Each show was to run for 45 min. As such, I named the program Half-and-a- Quarter-Cruise.
This is the pilot program.

Golden Lady (Jose Feliciano)
This was one of the songs in the playlist when I presented the show’s format to the station’s bigwigs. I noticed head honcho tapping his foot to this tune so I decided to include this as the introductory track in the pilot.

Downright Women -(Boz Scaggs)
Suavecito (Malo)
Stormy (Santana)
Sharing my roots from the classic rock era. I definitely couldn’t play any heavy stuff from Savoy Brown or Grand Funk and  had to downshift to some rock fused bossa beat  – what rvc referrers to as “retro chic” numbers.

Café Regio’s (Isaac Hayes)
Latin Lover (Mike Manieri)
Never Get Your Love Behind Me (Faragher Bros)
A taste of pop fusion and some jazzy blue-eyed soul.

Nothing ‘Bout Me  (Sting)
A special edit I did for the pilot, this is a mix from the Live Chicago Sessions and the studio cut.

Well Y2K did pass and the Millennium bug didn’t bite. My PC still worked that first day of year 2000 with my music library still intact and ready for the coming week’s show.
In spite of the timeslot, Half-and-a- Quarter-Cruise aired for about two years more. I was also told that the show was nominated for a KBP Golden something award in 2001. . .

. . . the listeners probably liked the first 2 notes of the songs.;)


 Half and a Quarter Cruise
Pilot show – July 10,1999

3 Responses to “Half and a Quarter Cruise on Joey92.3”
  1. Nonoy Bonzon says:

    you shouda have taped those programs on cassette for posterity. oops looks like you did.

    I had a habit of taping DWRT in the late 70s and 80’s and what remains with me was a 30minute cassette recording of hits like hypnotize, rapture, would I lie to you, notorius, summer of ’69 etc. in between commercial breaks with Baby John as the DJ. I gave a copy to the guy who has the dwrt fb group, needles to say he was quite happy.

    downright women (boz caggs)looks like a candidate for you flukes thread, except that in this case, the fluke came before his other hits like lowdown, jojo etc.

    “I can tell if a song is good upon hearing the first two notes”. – priceless ha.

    • bb3 says:

      I had some tapes of the show but sadly, lost all of them except for this pilot.
      Even I missed some of the shows because of the lousy sched.

      Right! Downright can be included sa Flukes! Will include it soon.
      Btw, if you have some flukes of your own you’d like to share, I can include it as well.

      Yup, those early RT programming care of Nonong and Ponsoy was awesome!
      Had a chance to interview them once. They intimated that theirs was a well thought of and studied programming heavily based on West Coast sound with a sprinkling of East Coast hits.
      I just wonder if stations now take time out to do their homework like early RT. . .
      . . . but who needs homework when a station’s programmer can tell if a song is good after 2 notes! 😀

      Thanks again amigo!

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  1. […] Ten years ago this month, I was able to realize one of the to-do’s in my bucket list. A cousin of mine together with a few friends pitched in. And together with our Japanese partner, we opened DiscExchange. Selling mostly pre-owned Japanese CDs and records, I felt like a 4-year old let loose in a candy bar every time I step into the store. Kaoru, our Japanese partner had that uncanny knack of bringing in CDs of then unknown artists and introducing them to the local market. Clementine, Newtone, Jazzanova, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Dmitri From Paris, Sunaga T Experience, Flabby, Monday Michiru, Till Bronner, 4th East Horns – the list goes on. Some of these artists are now staples at 105.1 since rvc was a regular at the store. Joey92.3 also played DEX music as I was able to introduce these artists to the station via my program Half-And-A-Quarter-Cruise. Half and a Quarter Cruise on Joey92.3 […]

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