The Classic Rock Table


The color and hues of natural wood are indeed refreshing.
But sometimes we need to spice this up with a dash of color.

Ever since my preteens, I have always been fascinated with the works of Peter Max, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Stanley Mouse & The Family Dog artists.
The influences of these artists can be seen in some of the posters I’ve done for the November HiFi Show.

That’s why I decided to fuse these influences with the woodwork on our newest offering.

So let’s “Turn on, tune in, drop out” as Woodstocks goes psychedelic with . . .



4×4 inch ceramic tiles of icons from the Classic Rock era were individually designed to form a colorful collage on the lower shelf. This cornucopia of colors is embedded on upcycled hardwood finished in satin wenge.

The table is topped off with a 10mm glass top.

For more Woodstocks:

2 Responses to “The Classic Rock Table”
  1. MTROZ says:

    Is this for sale?

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