What’s Under The Hood?




I’m not really an artist by profession. . . more like clumsy carpenter 🙂
So when I was tasked to do a mural by a fellow member, I was very thankful for him gambling on me yet quite hesitant at first.
But what the heck! Life is full of surprising challenges anyway so I took a shot at it.

I hit a blank wall during those first nights of conceptualization.
Much like an artist staring into a blank canvas, I was staring into my blank PC screen.
I tried to squeeze out every creative juice I could foster – but no go!
All I could squeeze out was a migraine.
So I decided to clean my Sui AU111 instead.
Midway into brushing/wiping the tranny, a sudden whiff of inspiration dawned on me.

The drawings took a few weeks and several ping pong emails with the client prior to final approval.
The actual construction took a bit more time.

It’s finally done and we’re quite pleased and proud of the outcome.
Another heavy mother measuring almost 3 x 6 feet of 2-inch solid hardwood and steel fittings waiting to be hung in a brand new home.


Macky mural final
“The Naked Amp” (2014)

I could tell you that this mural can also act as a sound diffuser to bring out the warmth of your amp and speakers. . . but I’d be lying. . . but then again, who knows?
What I hope this brings out though is some smiles when visitors of the new home take a look at this carpenter’s first artistic endeavor. 🙂




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