Just To See Her

Mom was diagnosed with cancer December of 1986 so I spent a good part of 1987 in the US where she was being treated.

I distinctly remember one sunny day while driving mom to one of her checkups. My hand was on the shifter and she placed her hand on mine. She then gently tapped her fingers as this song played on the car radio.

Hardly any words were spoken during that drive.
But in spite of that, those few minutes are one of the most meaningful moments in my life.

She left us a few weeks after that morning drive.

Little did I know then how much more meaningful  those lyrics would be now – 27 years after that sunny morning drive.

 I’m 55 now.
But I know that in mom’s eyes, I’ll always be her baby at 5.
Love you mom!!

Just to see her
Just to touch her
Just to hold her in my
arms again one more time

If I could feel her warm embrace
see her smiling face
Can’t find anyone to take her place
I’ve got to see her again

I would do anything
I would go anywhere
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
just to see her again





 This post is an edited excerpt from-










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