The Golden Age Of Phil Pop Radio Pt. 3 (K101 the early years)

1973 . . . Hmmm, now what does that remind me of? Oh, my dad just got himself that canary yellow 2-door Dodge Colt – for me, the coolest car to come out that year. That was also the year I accidentally tuned in to DWWK 101.9. An FM station playing “young” music? Wasn’t the … Continue reading

Minimo (Console/Rack)

Minimo  (Console/Rack) Some of us take pride in our audio toys. We take joy looking at stacks of our equipment – power amps, pre amps, turntable, CD player, DACs, buffers, etc.. Truly, a tweakers paradise . . . or nightmare, depending on your perspective. Yet others opt for simpler systems. Recent strides in integrated amplifier … Continue reading

Song Unfinished, Song Untitled

Is there still that little boy Who dreamed of dreams  of circus queens and flying machines? Is there still that little clown A tear behind the emptiness Of a lonely mask?  . . . and then you came. I know, and baby don’t ask Why your touch filled this empty mask with smiles. Dreams fulfilled, my … Continue reading