Minimo (Console/Rack)

Minimo  (Console/Rack)
Some of us take pride in our audio toys. We take joy looking at stacks of our equipment – power amps, pre amps, turntable, CD player, DACs, buffers, etc.. Truly, a tweakers paradise . . . or nightmare, depending on your perspective.

Yet others opt for simpler systems.
Recent strides in integrated amplifier design have made enjoyable listening possible without the clutter.
Just plug in a source to a Naim driving decent speakers and you’re good to go.

Our latest offering is just what the doctor ordered for these minimalist systems.
This is also ideal for secondary systems in the dining room or other areas of the house where you want to entertain guests without any serious listening but still not abandoning good sound.
High WAF since this could double up as a buffet table when the missus throws parties for her amigas!

Minimo Console rack


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