A Fantasy Roadtrip

Buddy And Other Assorted Road Songs ( 10 Tunes To Drive By )

Newly waxed, “Buddy”, my blue ’73 Camaro is primed and ready for this roadtrip. Pulled out a  pair of frayed jeans, a worn out tee, and some old sneakers for a comfortable drive.
All alone, it’s just me and a bunch of Maxell and TDK cassette tapes to keep me company along this trip.

6-7 AM   Heading down to the corner station to gas-up –  let’s start with some Mason Williams Classical Gas

Classisal Gas  (Mason Williams)


Slowly strutting down the neighborhood with Young-Holt Unlimited’s Soulful Strut

Soulful Strut  (Young-Holt Unlimited)



7-8 AM    It’s a lazy weekend. Hardly any cars on the streets this early, as I move on towards the freeway. The growl under the hood of my blue buddy sounds like an invitation to full-throttle . . . but not just yet. Let’s launch the pace with Eric Clapton’s Blues Power

Blues Power  (Eric Clapton)


8-11 AM    The empty freeway taunts me to push that pedal to the metal.
Ok, time to switch cassettes and see just what this vehicle can do as we put on Vehicle by The Ides Of March

Vehicle   (Ides of March)

Buddy’s the star of the highway as he gathers speed to higher octane levels

Highway Star (Deep Purple)


11-12 AM    Decided to grab a quick bite. Mexican sounds good! Looking at the next freeway exit, I see traffic starting to build up.
I hold back on the pedal as there is hardly any Room To Move

Room to Move   (John Mayall)


12-1 PM  Lunchtime!
As I take a bite out of that Burrito, I rest my feet and kick off those sneakers.
Slowing down the pace with a bit of boogie compliments of Guess Who’s Nashville Sneakers

Nashville Sneakers  (Guess Who)



1-2 PM    Back on the road, Buddy pleads to “dance” again.
Steely Dan’s Bodhisattva is a good follow thru to further that boogie beat as we begin to fire up the tempo once more.

Bodhisattva  (Steely Dan)


2-4 PM    This wild buddy of mine was born to break on through.
Feeling that rush climb thru my spine again, I switch gears as this dance takes on an aggressive beat with Steppenwolf’s Born To Be Wild and the Doors’ Break On Through.

Born To Be Wild  (Steppenwolf)

Break on through  (The Doors)


4-5 PM    This ’73 Cam does gobble up gas!! It’s a good thing am nearing my destination ‘cause we’re almost Running on Empty

Running On Empty  (Jackson Browm)


5-6 PM     We’re at the homestretch of our journey and the driving beat of Santana’s Incident At Neshabur complements our pace as I give Buddy that final push to overdrive.
Then as I exit the freeway, I see the city blanketed by that crimson sunset. . .
Gazing at the magnificent sight before me, I slow down . . .  as Santana slows down the final stages (2:53) of the song.

Incident At Neshabur   (Santana)


Thanks for that trip Buddy. I knew you still had it in you. . .
Hey Buddy, on the way back home, let’s slow it down a bit and casually cruise to some blues numbers.

Part 2 perhaps? . . . 

Buddy REAR

July, 2013…

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