Live From Daryl’s House

 July, 2011

If I were as rich as Bill Gates . . .
I wouldn’t buy a big mansion, exotic cars, fancy watches, or high end stereo . . . (well, that last one might be a bit of a stretch. A vintage Infinity IRS IV driven by Mark Levinson ML2 or Audio Research D79 would be nice :) )
What I would get me though, is the place beside Daryl Hall’s house in upstate NY.
I’ll be the good neighbor, who’ll get invited to sit in and watch LFDH sessions live.

Watching two generations of Rhythm and Blues greats (Booker T. and Mayer Hawthorne) under one roof dishing out R&B heaven? . . .



. . . or some young artists



. . .and some old ones.



How about some old school funk with Allan Gorrie of AWB?



or mess with Smokey for some sweet soul



Hey, I might even get to be invited to Hawaii.



or simply sit back to a casual jam.



Yup, I can go for that.;)


Saving enough money for a plane ticket to NY is easier said than done.
What more getting hold of that place beside Daryl’s.
Still . . .





One Response to “Live From Daryl’s House”
  1. vkatindoy says:

    Yet another compelling reason, Boy for putting a trip to NYC in my bucket list. Didn’t know Daryl Hall is still this famous. Thanks!

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