Reinventing a Classic

   by MYKA D, BASCO January 21, 2015 “There is a certain romance in the character of discarded timber”, said Boy Bustamante, the man behind the unique and classy products of Woodstocks. Woodstocks is an online brand that produces furniture for audio applications – record/audio equipment racks, record cabinets, storage chests, etc.  All these are … Continue reading

The Sansui Eight Receiver

The Sansui Eight receiver is truly a class act. The Eight was the last receiver manufactured by Sansui before the 1973 oil embargo enabling the company to go all-out in the design and features of this model. Sansui, as well as other audio outfits, did not have this luxury on succeeding models due to the … Continue reading

Gingerbread Man

Sometimes, life hands you a worn-out mitt. You’re the catcher on left field with butter fingers – stumbling, fumbling, bungling to catch that elusive ball all game day. As the ninth inning’s about to wind up, all bases loaded, the batter whacks the ball. Fate pulls a fast one and wills the ball towards you. … Continue reading

Weekend Parties (circa early 70’s)

Before the advent of Disco, we awkwardly stomped our feet -as an excuse for dancing 🙂 –  to some R&B/rock tunes like KJee’s Niteliters, Rare Earth’s Get Ready,  The Tempt’s Cloud Nine, Cold Blood’s Valdez In The Country, etc. Pati Smoke on the Water at In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, pinagpipilitan nating isayaw. 🙂 Faded jeans, shoulder length locks, … Continue reading