Weekend Parties (circa early 70’s)

Before the advent of Disco, we awkwardly stomped our feet -as an excuse for dancing 🙂 –  to some R&B/rock tunes like KJee’s Niteliters, Rare Earth’s Get Ready,  The Tempt’s Cloud Nine, Cold Blood’s Valdez In The Country, etc.

Pati Smoke on the Water at In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, pinagpipilitan nating isayaw. 🙂

Faded jeans, shoulder length locks, and something organic burning in the corner 🙂 were the usual suspects during those early 70’s parties.

The ‘weekend party’ was the granddaddy of Facebook and Twitter. The big difference being, we got to socialize in the flesh.

Those dimly lit parties positioned all the girls on one side and guys on the other. The music starts and the ‘wolves’ slowly approach their ‘prey’ for a dance. 🙂
But aside from this, there are some similarities to today’s social media tools.

LIKE – Girl stands up accepting offer to dance even if the guy is still 5 feet away and approaching.
UNLIKE – “I’m tired. Maybe later”. Girl’s reply when she didn’t want to dance with a particular guy.
TRENDING – Juicy chismis
SHARE – Girls converge in powder room to make chismis about the guys.
RETWEET – Girls make chismis about the guy with body odor.
HASHTAG– Beware the guy with body odor if he gets hashtagged!
UNFRIEND – Well, I guess it’s the guy with body odor,

We didn’t have any DJs or mobile discos then. The DJ was usually the one who owned and brought the records to the parties. He carefully guarded these discs lest they be accidentally spilled with punch (a concoction of cheap orange juice and yet cheaper gin) or burned with a roach! 😉

Here are some numbers that made it to the cut of danceable(?) tunes.
Well, of course, there was the ‘sweet’.  . .but that’s another story.:)


Yup, we may not have had smart phones, the internet, and other modern day amenities. . .
But we sure did have fun!




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