Gingerbread Man


Sometimes, life hands you a worn-out mitt.

You’re the catcher on left field with butter fingers – stumbling, fumbling, bungling to catch that elusive ball all game day.
As the ninth inning’s about to wind up, all bases loaded, the batter whacks the ball.
Fate pulls a fast one and wills the ball towards you.
Memories of earlier blunders are swept aside as you summon every ounce of energy to reach for the ball and pray that fate smiles on you these few precious moments.

Every thing’s a blur.

Oblivious to the cheers around, you stare at that once elusive ball. . . resting on that worn-out mitt

Fate smiled.
You smile. 
Life is good. . . 
. . . and you’re a happy gingerbread man.


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