Shape Shifter (Santana)

June 2012

Ok, I admit I enjoy Santana’s collaboration with Michelle Branch, Rob Thomas etc. – and am happy for the success of these alliances.
But I terribly miss what the man does best – play the guitar!

Well the maestro is back – and back in vintage form if I may say so.

Santana’s latest album, Shape Shifters, brings back the classic Carlos we knew all too well
The cuts on this album spreads out like sprinklings from Abraxas, Borboletta, and Zepob.
Canela, one of the cuts in this album, could be a segue cut from Samba Pa Ti while Nomad shows shades of Incident at Neschabur.
You could also mistake Angelica Faith as one of the cuts from Zepob.
I believe some cuts are in youtube na. Kayo na bahala maghanap -too lazy to cut and paste na :)

Overall, the album does show a mellower side of Santana.
Slightly uptempo numbers such as the title cut starts off with a hypnotic Indian chant (the album was dedicated to the Native American Indians) and slides to a classic 70’s guitar progression. – sweet!!

Don’t expect lots of pyrotechnic playing here (though there are some moments) – it’s just the man letting his guitar sing to your soul.

Gracias Maestro, welcome back!

. . . now if only Benson would follow suit. . . ;)

2 Responses to “Shape Shifter (Santana)”
  1. Mario Marotta says:

    Completely agree with the things that you say. I consider this CD in one of the best of “el maestro” Carlos Santana, for me. Comparely only to “Caracanserai”, in my humble opinion, the best of Santana. In this Cd my only objection is “the packaging that envelope the candy”, I mean, it’s stetics. Santana is characterized in his long history contribuying to the big changes in the music art (“abraxas”, “Santana 3”, “Caravanserai” again, etc, etc, etc.) For the rest, 10 points no, 25 points!!!
    A hug from Montevideo, Uruguay: mario marotta

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