A Short Story (2)


A little boy once dreamt of building a sand castle…


” He was building the castle with his friend and they both decided that the castle be a grand one. 
Starting  with a huge base, they slowly built their way up. 
They were both laughing, joking, and simply enjoying themselves as the sand castle was slowly taking shape.
And before they realized it, a grand one it was. 

A gust of wind suddenly swept their faces. For fear that the tiny turrets of their castle might erode; the little boy asked his friend what to do. She replied, ‘I know na what! Let’s sprinkle a few drops of water to keep the loose sand in place! She then got a fistful of beach water and sprinkled a few drops at the tiny turrets.
It worked! Yey!

In his eagerness to fortify their castle, the little boy quickly grabbed his beach pail, scooped some water from the shore and came running back to their castle …
He tripped.
Splashed the pailful of water on the castle. 
He got up to see their castle turned to slosh and turned to his friend. 
She was crying. “


… It was a clear sunny morning when the little boy woke up from his dream with a tear in his eye. With no one still awake that morning, the little boy decided to take a walk along the beach.

He was sad.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see someone crouched at the far end of the beach.
It was his friend!
He approached her.

‘Whatchadoin?’ He asked.
She replied, ‘I’m building a sandcastle. Wanna join me?’

He smiled.



Part 2

For the next few days, the little boy and girl took care of their sand castle. They’d add a patch of sand here and there, sprinkle droplets of water over the loose dry areas, etc.

One day, while making sure that the turrets were in place, the little boy saw a sea shell, washed into the shore. It was cracked- split into two pieces right in the middle.

The little boy picked up the shell and announced-“This shell will be the keeper of the castle! You take care of one piece… and I, the other”. He then placed the two pieces and laid it as one on top of the castle gate.

She whispered to herself  “… and as long as the two pieces are together, we’re good.”

In the days that followed, the 2-piece shell did seem to ‘magically’ fortify their sand castle.
But, again in his eagerness to strengthen, the little boy tried to reposition the shell.
And in doing so, the gate crumbled.
He looked at his friend.
She was crying once more.
In frustration, the little boy took his half of the shell from the castle gate, threw it out at sea, and ran home crying.

For the next few days, the little boy refused to go out to the beach.

He just sat by his bedroom window looking out at the sea …at the sandcastle.
It seemed lonely.

A short while after, he saw his friend walk towards the castle. She knelt by the castle gate. The little boy slowly walked out of his room to see what she was doing. As he approached her, she was putting something by the castle gate.
“What’s that?” , he asked.
She replied smilingly, “Oh, I saw this washed into the shore kanina and wanted to put it back … where it belongs.”
It was his half-piece shell – once again, reunited with with his friend’s other half.

He smiled.

PROLOGUE (The Prequel)
Lazy afternoons.
The two friends just sitting by their castle while looking out at sea.
It takes very little for young kids to tell themselves “Life is good.”
One of them are sandcastles.

In one if those quiet idle moments … happy moments, the little boy asked his friend.
“Can you be my date to the prom?”
She laughed. “That’s a gazillion years away. You really do plan early!”
“Just asking.” He sheepishly replied back.
She looked at him and said, “Prom is still too far off to think about. But here’s the thing – I may be with someone else then … but I have this strange, funny feeling that the you and I will be spending the whole time with each other on prom night.”
“I’d like that, Andie” Bobby smiled back.

. . .



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