The Pioneer KP500 Super Tuner.

Back in the mid 70s, what car would be complete without the venerable KP500 ? … or ‘DeRelo’ as others would affectionally call it. Pair this with Jensen Triaxes and you’re good to go- with 50+ ‘pogi points’.  🙂 It was a spartan unit compared to succeeding models. Fastforward and rewind buttons don’t even lock … Continue reading

2015 November HiFi Show For past HiFi Show posters:

The Sony SS-A5 La Voce Speakers

“It’s a Sony” Ok, unless you’re talking about flat screen TVs or their new Xperia phones, this statement might not catch a second notice. When talking about speakers, Sony usually gets that ho-hum bland reception. Understandably though, since this Japanese giant was not really known for high-end audio stuff, moreso speakers. But being the giant … Continue reading