The Pioneer KP500 Super Tuner.

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Back in the mid 70s, what car would be complete without the venerable KP500 ? … or ‘DeRelo’ as others would affectionally call it. Pair this with Jensen Triaxes and you’re good to go- with 50+ ‘pogi points’.  🙂
It was a spartan unit compared to succeeding models. Fastforward and rewind buttons don’t even lock so you’ll have to master the art of sticking your finger at either function buttons while shifting gears. Precarious while driving but hey, we’re still in one piece, right?  🙂
The KP5 was a loyal friend, playing my mixed tapes while driving to and from school, Saturday nights out, sem break trips to Baguio, beaches, etc, or just having a relaxing drive around . . . yes, the Metro’s traffic was more merciful then.  🙂

Yes, there were the Blaupunkts and Nakamichis – more exotic but now forgotten. The KP500 was the benchmark and is that iconic unit from my teenage days.
I’ve been in search for one for some time now. Apparently, its’ collectability makes it a rare find.
Yesterday, as I was walking towards my worksite, I could hear strains of Kenny Rankin . . . playing on a KP5!!

It was set up by one of the neighborhood guys who hang around our work shed.  Sitting atop a plywood enclosed speaker and hooked up to a car battery and equalizer, the unit did show slight signs of stain and wear . . . but nothing that a good toothbrush detailing can’t handle.

In spite of its age, it is still a looker.
Its been almost 40 years since I saw one of these.
I just stood gazing at it . . . reconnecting an old friendship . . .heard myself asking “Pardon me, haven’t we met?”

2 Responses to “The Pioneer KP500 Super Tuner.”
  1. Miles Bourne says:

    Had one of these in my 1964 VW bus and later in my 1969 Beetle. It fit real nicely in the Beetle. I had a German VW AM/FM radio in that car so I did not want to alter the dash in any way. Every kid on my street had a Super Tuner. That thing was connected to an amp and it blasted. I wish I still had it but I sold it in 1985 when I traded my Beetle for a Golf GTI.

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