Three Chairs

A wise man once said that you can tell a man by his chair.
The chair is . . . ok, I lied. No one ever said that. I just needed a proper intro.

Anyway, here we have three chairs. Three generations.
And in a way, there are similarities between these chairs and their owners.

Lolo’s Chair
Made of solid hardwood. Spartan. No comfort cushions. Just Functional.
Lolo was a self-made made who came from humble beginnings.
Farmer turned businessman. And although he attained a certain amount of business success, he was always a man of the earth. A farmer at heart.
In his later years, Lolo developed a foot infection that aggravated his already failing health.Notice the broken foot of the chair?

Dad’s Chair
The Eames Louge. Comfortable. Classy. Highly sought after.
In his prime, dad led quite a comfortable life. With his Vacherons and Montaguts, he knew how to enjoy the finer things.
He also had that easy-going character much sought after by friends and acquantances.

more on dad’s Eames Lounge:

My Chair 
Cramming for that high school Algebra exam. Rushing that Philo term paper. Or just plain tinkering with my stereo. This chair saw it all.
It’s still in use as I type this now.

But age has caught up with it. There’s a split on the upper arm of the chair.
(Did I mention that I’m suffering from a frozen shoulder now?)
The woven rope that acts as the seat are frayed and unraveled with age.
(Did I mention that my favorite maong shorts are worn-out and riddled with holes because of age?)
I need to have this chair refurbished . . . and bring back its devilish charm and good looks. 🙂
Three songs for three chairs.


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