Mind Blowing Decisions


Good music. Good friends. Good times
No attachments. . .
No complications. . .
I thought I had everything until . . .

I was nineteen.
She was eighteen.
Feelings that have been on slumber mode for some time unexpectedly stirred back to life the instant I saw her.
Was it anxiety of what happened past or excitement of what could be?

The previous years didn’t really hone me in the skills of courtship; and now, my comfort zone was being intruded by unusual feelings.
Then a little birdie by the name of Tom Jones whispered me something.
No, he didn’t instruct me to grow sideburns or to turn on that swagger.
He simply winked and said, “It’s not unusual to be loved by anyone”.
I took the cue knowing that the specter of rejection was still a possibility.
Was this girl worth that risk?
To complicate matters further, she was just past of a breakup.
Here we go again!
Will I be that spare tire the second time around?

Must decide how to go,
Is she mine? I want to know . . .
. . . Mind- blowing decisions

Thirty-four years after, as I write this now, I smile as I watch her sleep beside me.
Yup, she truly was worth all the risk.

Thank you Mr. Jones.


2 Responses to “Mind Blowing Decisions”
  1. Ross Harper says:

    You should get a Palanca award. Thank you for transporting back to highschool, Stargazer, Coco Banana, Heaven on the Seventh Floor, Earth Wind and Fire,
    Bujiwara and the personalized “statio” we ordered from Pilar atbp Really enjoy your blog, Boy.

  2. Bobot Reyes says:


    I have no doubt that she will become your ex GF.

    With your love of lyrics coupled with good melody
    You will have her a thousand times over.

    It must have been a great love story between you too.

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