Born To Be Wild

I was young.
I thought I was built for speed after watching the movie, Easy Rider. My dream was slipping on a pair of boots and hopping on a modified Harley-Davidson chopper with the song “Born To be Wild” as the soundtrack of this flight of fancy.
But there was no chopper.
Only the boots.
So that dream didn’t happen.

Ruckus boots
46 years after.
This is my Honda Ruckus build, which originally started from a scrapped Honda Dio.
It’s still a work in progress. The iconic Ruckus battery box is a challenge to fabricate so I adapted the CafeRisqué mod (sans battery box) for now.
I’ll be zipping around the neighborhood in this baby but …
No burning rubber.
At my age, I hardly have the cojones for high speed on two wheels.
So this 50cc is just right for me.
At 25 kph, I’m already fantasizing that I’m Peter Fonda riding that 1200cc modified Harley in Easy Rider.
Yup, I was born to be wild …
And I have the boots to prove it.  🙂



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