The Portable Cassette Player


I got turned on to music via the transistor radio. But the portable cassette player pushed the envelope further towards the passion.
1969 I listened to my first cassette tapes of Booker T. and the MGs, Led Zep, Temptations, Chicago Transit Authority, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, etc. on a portable Panasonic player. I slept with it.

He was my best friend.

In one of my vintage stereo receiver hunts a few years ago, I came across this player. Though not exactly the same make and model as what I had , I got it for sentimental reasons.
It was like a reunion of sorts.

Like seeing an old friend once again.

I’ve had a few decks these past years – some neat Nakamichis and V series Teacs. But those have come and gone. This portable has survived that audio exodus and stayed on.

One doesn’t abandon an old friend.

They say that the cassette is dead …has been since the onslaught of digital audio in the 80s.
But for someone whose passion for music was shaped via that portable cassette player, It lives on and will always hold that special place in the heart.

Thank you, my friend.



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