Infinity Reference Standard 4.5

I got to listen to my former speakers (not this actual unit, but same model) again after about 3 decades. A friend of mine was able to acquire this pair recenlty and he invited me to come over and share with him my old tweaks with the 4.5. My old pair went thru several mods … Continue reading

The Pioneer KP500 Super Tuner.

Back in the mid 70s, what car would be complete without the venerable KP500 ? … or ‘DeRelo’ as others would affectionally call it. Pair this with Jensen Triaxes and you’re good to go- with 50+ ‘pogi points’.  🙂 It was a spartan unit compared to succeeding models. Fastforward and rewind buttons don’t even lock … Continue reading

The Sony SS-A5 La Voce Speakers

“It’s a Sony” Ok, unless you’re talking about flat screen TVs or their new Xperia phones, this statement might not catch a second notice. When talking about speakers, Sony usually gets that ho-hum bland reception. Understandably though, since this Japanese giant was not really known for high-end audio stuff, moreso speakers. But being the giant … Continue reading

Monster Receivers

Excerpt from Vintage Stereo Collection To see full article: Monster Receivers I had already obtained a decent collection of these middle-of-the-line units when I stumbled upon the Monster Receiver Forum. Members of this forum are enthusiasts of the >100 watts/ channel top-of-the-line models. Affectionately called “Monsters”, these were gargantuan beasts both in size and weight. Highly … Continue reading

The Sansui Eight Receiver

The Sansui Eight receiver is truly a class act. The Eight was the last receiver manufactured by Sansui before the 1973 oil embargo enabling the company to go all-out in the design and features of this model. Sansui, as well as other audio outfits, did not have this luxury on succeeding models due to the … Continue reading

A Day With The Sansui AU111

Prologue I’m going that polygamous route once again. Having Betsy as my daily driver these past months have been fun. Betsy – My Pioneer SX650 Not much serious listening; more of a plug and play type with the iPod as source. My toxic calendar lately just allowed a few hours of casual background music. But now … Continue reading

Acoustic Research AR3a – A Review in Song

Byblos (Terry Kath) – Chicago   I saw her once before, she didn’t turn me on One night she stopped to talk to pass the time The Acoustic Research AR3a definitely did not turn me on. Her ‘fried egg” drivers are eye sores. In fact, before I sealed the transaction to take her home, I … Continue reading

Betsy – My Pioneer SX650

1975 Who cares about soundstage? Well, I for one did not. Listening to music thru Betsy was a simple and uncomplicated leisure interest. Betsy was the Pioneer SX 650 receiver which was the heart of my first stereo system – a HS grad gift from my parents. Together with the rest of the gang which … Continue reading

Vintage Sansui Integrated Amps

Great sansui amps? Hmmm. . . . First, just a brief backgounder on my personal sonic preferences. If given the choice on all Sansui integrated amps, the AU111 (first incarnation twin-colored knobs) would be top of the list without batting an eyelash. But let’s put the 111 aside for a while. The Sansui 9090db and … Continue reading

Quadraphonic. . . care for some?

Quadraphonic sound – the granddaddy of today’s multi speaker system was the first consumer offering in surround sound. As early as the fifties, European music studios were using this format in reel-to-reel tape players. It was not until 1970 that consumer quad format was made available to the market via the 8 track tape and … Continue reading