The Scorsese

“You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin’ to? You talkin’ to me? Well I’m the only one here. Who the f*ck do you think you’re talking to?” Powerful lines. Iconic lines delivered by De Niro in Taxi Driver. A film by Martin … Continue reading

The PNB Vault (Bar/Cabinet)

. It’s nearing Father’s Day and I’m thinking of dad. In memory of man who loved a drink … ok, maybe more than A drink. 😉 But that’s another story. Introducing the PNB Vault. A cabinet bar that’ll surely keep those single malts safe and smiling. New from Woodstocks. ——– For more Woodstocks: . … Continue reading

November HiFi Show Poster (2016)

Born To Be Wild

1970 I was young. I thought I was built for speed after watching the movie, Easy Rider. My dream was slipping on a pair of boots and hopping on a modified Harley-Davidson chopper with the song “Born To be Wild” as the soundtrack of this flight of fancy. But there was no chopper. Only the … Continue reading

Mind Blowing Decisions

1978 Good music. Good friends. Good times No attachments. . . No complications. . . I thought I had everything until . . . I was nineteen. She was eighteen. Feelings that have been on slumber mode for some time unexpectedly stirred back to life the instant I saw her. Was it anxiety of what … Continue reading

Three Chairs

A wise man once said that you can tell a man by his chair. The chair is . . . ok, I lied. No one ever said that. I just needed a proper intro. Anyway, here we have three chairs. Three generations. And in a way, there are similarities between these chairs and their owners. … Continue reading

2015 November HiFi Show For past HiFi Show posters:

A Short Story (2)

  A little boy once dreamt of building a sand castle…   ” He was building the castle with his friend and they both decided that the castle be a grand one.  Starting  with a huge base, they slowly built their way up.  They were both laughing, joking, and simply enjoying themselves as the sand … Continue reading

KRH75 Sampler

Reinventing a Classic

   by MYKA D, BASCO January 21, 2015 “There is a certain romance in the character of discarded timber”, said Boy Bustamante, the man behind the unique and classy products of Woodstocks. Woodstocks is an online brand that produces furniture for audio applications – record/audio equipment racks, record cabinets, storage chests, etc.  All these are … Continue reading