The Portable Cassette Player

I got turned on to music via the transistor radio. But the portable cassette player pushed the envelope further towards the passion. 1969 I listened to my first cassette tapes of Booker T. and the MGs, Led Zep, Temptations, Chicago Transit Authority, Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell, etc. on a portable Panasonic player. I slept … Continue reading

Shape Shifter (Santana)

June 2012 Ok, I admit I enjoy Santana’s collaboration with Michelle Branch, Rob Thomas etc. – and am happy for the success of these alliances. But I terribly miss what the man does best – play the guitar! Well the maestro is back – and back in vintage form if I may say so. Santana’s … Continue reading

Live From Daryl’s House

 July, 2011 If I were as rich as Bill Gates . . . I wouldn’t buy a big mansion, exotic cars, fancy watches, or high end stereo . . . (well, that last one might be a bit of a stretch. A vintage Infinity IRS IV driven by Mark Levinson ML2 or Audio Research D79 … Continue reading

The Golden Age Of Phil Pop Radio Pt. 3 (K101 the early years)

1973 . . . Hmmm, now what does that remind me of? Oh, my dad just got himself that canary yellow 2-door Dodge Colt – for me, the coolest car to come out that year. That was also the year I accidentally tuned in to DWWK 101.9. An FM station playing “young” music? Wasn’t the … Continue reading

Thorn Tree In The Garden

My fascination for Layla (the album and the girl 🙂 ) must be coming out of your ears. But bear with me just a bit more. . . Bobby Whitlock Thorn Tree In The Garden   (Layla) There’s a thorn tree in the garden, if you know just what I mean, And I hate to … Continue reading

Crossovers on Audiophile Jazz (Citylite 88.3)

Audiophile Jazz (1993 -1994) – A radio program produced by audio enthusiasts for audio enthusiasts. The show was recorded on some of the finest home high end audio equipment. The program’s format consisted of jazz music from the collections of guest audiophiles invited to this weekly show. Aside from the usual suspects such as Carol … Continue reading

Baduy or Jologs Music

2012 Every generation, I think, had its share of “baduy” music. Having grown up in the 70’s, I remember the likes of Donny Osmond’s “Puppy Love”, Morris Albert’s “Feelings”, Mocedades’ “Eres Tu” falling into this category. I am a big fan of “Bus Stop” by the Hollies. But I only found out recently from my … Continue reading

In A Gadda Da Vida – (Iron Butterfly)

In A Gadda Da Vida: Anyone who grew up in the 70’s would be familiar with this 17 minute ‘epic’ by Iron Butterfly. This song had the distinction of being both a dance favorite and a regular during  chemical and/or organic induced altered state ‘sessions’ (read stoned).  🙂 Here’s a little trivia on this song: The … Continue reading

Beck-Ola (Jeff Beck)

Famous sleeve note on its back cover: “Today, with all the hard competition in the music business, it’s almost impossible to come up with anything totally original. So we haven’t. However, this disc was made with the accent on heavy music. So sit back and listen and try and decide if you can find a … Continue reading

Silver Morning (Kenny Rankin)

Flashback 1975: Disco was starting to raise its (in)famous head. The airwaves were filling up with the likes of Van McCoy’s “The Hustle”, Carl Douglas’ “Kung Fu Fighting”, Gaynor’s “Never Can say Goodbye”. On another front, you had the Pop Superstars like Stevie Wonder and Elton John monopolizing the Grammys. Then suddenly, amidst the barrage … Continue reading