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Oct 2013

Early this year, I went into a ‘furniture design’ phase.
A co-worker, who had some free time and was quite handy with tools, implemented these designs while I did the final finishing.
Except for an electric drill, no power tools were used in the construction and finishing. Even the metal fixtures were done by hand.


(Though originally intended for audio/video purposes, these of course, could also be used as regular furniture.
Takes 3-4 days to make upon order. Custom-built sizes can also be accommodated.)

Made from upcycled hardwood, these audio furniture are specifically sized to fit those beloved record albums.
These come in various sizes from small trunks (for 80 LPs) to chests and side tables (for 100 plus records).

Inspired by a fusion of Oriental and Industrial design, these chests and tables have high WAF (wife acceptance factor).
Do a Homer Simpson and gift your wife with a chest to store her Hermes and Bottega bags. . .
. . .then act “surprised” when you show her how that “Kind Of Blue” album fits perfectly in it.
Get her that side table she always wanted for the living room . . .
. . .then plop that turntable on top and act “amazed” how it matches the Rosewood plinth of the Garrard 301.

Wood surface is hand- sanded (up to 1000grit) to a smooth finish while still retaining that distressed look.
All metal hardware is hand forged.
(It’s amazing what a hammer, hacksaw, a little ingenuity, and a lot of patience can do)

Age of timber used coincides with the era of vacuum tubes.
Storing your records in these will give them a warm, tube-like character.
Soundstage will expand beyond the speakers. Focus will . . .
. . . ok I lied.
Was worth a try though.:)


PHP 10k

PHP 8500

PHP 5500


The Armoire
Turntable stand height designed for easy cueing.
No more bending or crawling down on all fours just to check for any fuzzballs on cart.
Cabinet opens up to 2-layered LP storage – up to 200 albums.

WAF suggested alibis:
” Honey, I got us an armoire to store those single malts and wine I received last Christmas.” (lame) ;)

“I almost tripped on the baby’s ball earlier. We really need a place to stuff her things.
I saw this armoire on the way to work this morning. . .”
(lamer) ;) ;)

“Do we have anything to store lots of paper?
I’m planning to write my memoir. I need a place that rhymes with it.”
(lamest) ;) ;) ;)




The Matteo is the deluxe version of the Armoire.
It is an all Narra construction with metal corners attached by aged industrial bolts. The designed footer accentuates the Modern Industrial-Oriental fusion theme. New hand-forged flip locks grace this new design.

This piece commemorates the newest addition to the family.

Morales copy


PNB Vault
It’s nearing Father’s Day and I’m thinking of dad.
In memory of man who loved a drink …
ok, maybe more than A drink. 😉
But that’s another story.
Introducing the PNB Vault. A cabinet bar that’ll surely keep those single malts safe and smiling.


No, we’re not changing our name to Steelstocks.
Just a slight diversion. Pushing the envelope further with our modern-industrial theme.

Custom-built for a friend to store his collection of 45 rpm records. Remember those?
This chest-of-drawers type storage is made from discarded plyboard and wrapped in galvanized steel sheets.
Not faux painted. The sheets are “forced aged” using a 4-step process to create that distressed patina.
Handles, label holders, and other detailing made from nuts, and various steel bars.


photo 2a copy
Tolosa variant with nest of drawers

photo (5)
Full Metal Jacket – Variation SideTable adorned with industrial bolts

tall cab farley
Equipment rack/cabinet and record storage in wenge finish.



I don’t like from giving myself pats on the back.

But I’ll make an exception in this case. I think me and my guys did good here.

I was asked to pretty-up an old bookshelf.
So after days of stripping out the old varnish, we installed flip-up cabinet doors for top shelves and French doors (instead of the original sliding glass) for the lower portion. Mini baluster railing was installed to give emphasis to depth and simplified claw footers to add stability.

The timber used was salvaged from the rotting original backing.

The oriental detailing gave a nice contrast to the industrial bolts.
We topped this off with a satin finish.

So what was an old plain-jane bookshelf can now serve as a towering accent piece.

Not a bad refurb, ain’t it?




gar side copy

 The Garrard Sidetable is a Garrard AT6 turntable/KLH Model Fifteen amplifier (non-working) enclosed in hardwood and topped off in glass.
A functional accent table/conversation piece for the analogue enthusiast.
Speaker grill door opens up to a record cabinet. Fits about 100 records.

Pipe Night Table


Cocktail Tables

We’re taking a brief break from our usual modern industrial-oriental theme and going old school for our newest offering.
Inspired by the blog:

This coffee table just needs a final finish coat and glass top on recessed portion, and she’s good to go.

cassatte copy
PHP 8000

My guys were taken aback when I jokingly told them that the next project was a Nakamichi Dragon queen-sized bed to fit this baby in. 🙂




distresed tape
The DistressedTape table
PHP 12,000
Steampunk inspired.
Same dimensions as the original MixedTape table.  Height a bit lower though.
With additional aged metal hardware.

distressed details copy
Distressed details

Do you guys remember the Elcaset? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elcaset
This is our tribute to that short-lived medium.
Twice as large as the MixedTape, this piece measures 40L x 30W x 16H (slightly smaller than a six-seating dining table) with an added lower shelf for extra storage. This Elcaset is finished like the DistressedTape but is also available on the regular MixedTape finish without wheel casters.

el cassette

shin yu coffee table




HeavyMetal Coffee Table
My most ambitious project to date.
Two years from inception to final finish.

28 X 48 in base of two-inch solid planks topped off with a 12-coat finish of polyurethane and satin lacquer.
Over 150 metal parts of pulleys, pipes, sprockets, springs, industrial bolts etc. sanded, buffed, polished, and sprayed to achieve a flat pewter finish.
24 inch diameter 10mm glass top.

Don’t ask me how much this baby weighs . . .
But it’s definitely HeavyMetal!!

 HeavyMetal 2

HeavyMetal 3




The Classic Rock table
The color and hues of natural wood are indeed refreshing.
But sometimes we need to spice this up with a dash of color.

Ever since my preteens, I have always been fascinated with the works of Peter Max, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Stanley Mouse & The Family Dog artists.
The influences of these artists can be seen in some of the posters I’ve done for the November HiFi Show.

That’s why I decided to fuse these influences with the woodwork on our newest offering.

So let’s “Turn on, tune in, drop out” as Woodstocks goes psychedelic with . . .

Classic rock table
table ad copy

4×4 inch ceramic tiles of icons from the Classic Rock era were individually designed to form a colorful collage on the lower shelf. This cornucopia of colors is embedded on upcycled hardwood finished in satin wenge.

The table is topped off with a 10mm glass top.
PHP 12,500


Topped off with glass, the recessed table floor is used to display items like watches and other curio stuff.






I have always been a fan of mid century furnishings.

Chairs by Charles and Ray Eames, the Le Corbusier, and Yanagi’s Elephant Stool are icons of times when things were simply done right with elegance and fashion. . .times when “the bottom line” seemed to be the least concern of these designers.

Mid century Danish (Danish Modern)chair design, which embraced the principles of Bauhaus modernism in furniture style, created clean, pure lines with the basic proportions and requirements of the human body in mind.

Up until the time that I had my Eames chair restored,


I had been using a Finn Juhl-inspired design as my listening chair for several years. It ain’t no Lay Z Boy, but this vintage 60‘s chair, which I inherited from my dad, just seems to sit me right.

Below is a replica of that chair. . . with a twist.

I have always wondered if the Modern Industrial look of upcycled wood could integrate itself to the clean lines of Danish Modern design. I made a few revisions to achieve the Modern Industrial feel but maintained truthful to the basic structure and proportion of the Danish Modern design.

The integration seemed to be a success.

Listening Chair

Woodstocks rewinds once again to Mid-century modern mode with our take on this 1950s Danish classic. The Selig Z chair.

I couldn’t get hold of the exact dimensions of the original Z chair which made this quite a challenging build. I had to eye ball the construction against net photos as we went along. Hit and miss. As such, this had to go through several incarnations before we got it right.

We introduced some modifications without sacrificing the original design.
A slight incline on the backrest gives it a sleeker profile and ‘loungier’ feel. Also, the width was widened by a few inches making it a cross between a love seat and regular lounge. Unusual size but unique eye candy.

I hope we managed to do justice to this (allegedly) Poul Jensen ’50s classic design.

As always, we retained the scars and imperfections of the upcycled timber.
Hope this gives Mother Nature a smile since not a single tree was felled on this build.

20170414_112148 copy.jpg


Shinyu bench




Palette chairs

Starting at P6000


Site Map2



1 RACK a

AV Rack with base extension totalling 4 feet.
Perfect for monoblocks, spare amps, or just a place to park mostly rotated records.
10-inch height clearance on base level would accommodate most amps/ AV receivers while 8 inch clearance on mid level for preamps or digital sources.
Top most level for TT or TV.
Heavy mother – guaranteed to outlast your grandchild.

Placement of the AV Rack above may pose some problems for those with space restrictions. I’ve had numerous inquires for a smaller version.

So here you go. . .

small rack
PHP 8500

Other variants:

narra rack gil
4-layer rack made of solid Narra in stainless steel rods and nuts.
Narra pillars for cable management at back.
The stainless steel gets a rich hue when seen in indoor lighting.



AV Rack GI Pipes
With GI pipe posts and sub-shelf for soundbar


White matte finish

Variation rack with drawers and cabinets in shabby chic milk finish.



Timber&Steel Rack
We simplified the lines but retained the theme.
We streamlined the look but retained the feel.
A fusion of the distressed and contemporary artisan audio furnishing.

And as always, no trees were felled in the manufacture of these pieces


Stativ tripod rack


MC copy

Son of Corleone

The Ovation CD Rack

Ok, I guess this shows the frustrated guitar player in me.



 Kabuki 2



rec rack
PHP 12k

“Puro na lang pang audio!” – exclaims the wifey.
So I decided to do a long overdue project of shelves for the dressing area.

The present 2-layer shelf is a pain since shirts are stacked 20 high. Pulling a shirt from the bottom topples the stack creating a mess. So I had a one made with four layers for lower stacking of shirts.

Midway into construction, a flicker of inspiration flashed before me and . . .well let’s just say that the original intention of the shelves got a little sidetracked.

It’s no wonder why my wife refuses to talk to me tonight.

crossover rack


record caddy
PHP 7500




Work Tables

2 TELE a

The Tele table is a funken’ all purpose work table.
This is YOUR table – purposely designed without drawers to unleash your manhood by unleashing that clutter!
Liberate yourself and show her who wears the pants around here.
Do it!  . . . ‘cause I can’t. 🙂

1 TELE trunk

Ok, so your wife can’t stand that clutter.
Shove all that junk inside the Teletrunk to clear the table and show her how neat you are!
The Teletrunk is perfect for hiding all that clutter. Also great to store your tools, CDs, DVDs, work papers, and last Tuesday’s sandwich! :)

 The Work Table

 For those of you familiar with the TeleTable (see above ), this is her mom. :)
Simulated industrial barnyard doors for top flips up to an all-purpose worktable.
With the top down, this can double up for a dining table seating 6 comfortably.

Perfect for your Bat Cave. The Joker and Catwoman can boogie on top of this baby with nary a wobble. :)

Bleached Wood Series

We’re going for a more contemporary look without abandoning our Modern-Industrial theme.
The Alvejante WorkTable still makes use of upcycled hardwood, bleached to bring out its light natural grain. We simplified the lines with legs of 1.5 inch tubular steel done in distressed pewter finish. Old school industrial rubber footers complement the linear design.

A mobile ‘chest of drawer’-inspired storage on industrial steel casters completes the set.

Alvejante WT


Consiles and Dining

The Console table

This started off as a turntable rack.
Midway into wood prep, the client came over to thresh out some stability issues.
The wifey tagged along.

It seemed that wifey saw something in the piece and asked me if the rack could be redesigned to a console/buffet table.
I could see the horror in hubby’s eyes as he was starting to see his tall, narrow, three-shelved turntable rack fade into oblivion.

A friendly discussion took place . . .
Guess who won?

32H x 40W x 11D

Hubby called me a day after and thanked me for redesigning the rack to a console.
Apparently, wifey was so appreciative of hubby’s “noble” gesture of giving in to her wishes.
She allowed him to buy that Koetsu he was eying for months.
Don’t you just love happy endings? :D

Minimo  (Console/Rack)
Some of us take pride in our audio toys. We take joy looking at stacks of our equipment – power amps, pre amps, turntable, CD player, DACs, buffers, etc.. Truly, a tweakers paradise . . . or nightmare, depending on your perspective.

Yet others opt for simpler systems.
Recent strides in integrated amplifier design have made enjoyable listening possible without the clutter.
Just plug in a source to a Naim driving decent speakers and you’re good to go.

Our latest offering is just what the doctor ordered for these minimalist systems.
This is also ideal for secondary systems in the dining room or other areas of the house where you want to entertain guests without any serious listening but still not abandoning good sound.
High WAF since this could double up as a buffet table when the missus throws parties for her amigas!

console 3-layer rack

Minimo Console rack

photo (1)
Dining T
able seating for 8 using 1.5 inch GI pipes supporting 1.5 inch steel-strapped hardwood planks as tabletop

Azcueta Dining table





Mural  –  The Naked Amp (2014)
I’m not really an artist by profession. . . more like clumsy carpenter  🙂
So when I was tasked to do a mural by a fellow member, I was very thankful for him gambling on me but quite hesitant at first.
But what the heck! Life is full of surprising challenges anyway so I took a shot at it.

I hit a blank wall during those first nights of conceptualization.
Much like an artist staring into a blank canvas, I was staring into my blank PC screen.
I tried to squeeze out every creative juice I could foster – but no go!
All I could squeeze out was a migraine.
So I decided to clean my Sui AU111 instead.
Midway into brushing/wiping the tranny, a sudden whiff of inspiration dawned on me.

The drawings took a few weeks and several ping pong emails with the client prior to final approval.
The actual construction took a bit more time.

It’s finally done and we’re quite pleased and proud of the outcome.
Another heavy mother measuring almost 3 x 6 feet of 2-inch solid hardwood and steel fittings waiting to be hung in a brand new home.

Macky mural final

I could tell you that this can act as a sound diffuser to bring out the warmth of your amp and speakers. . . but I’d be lying. . . but then again, who knows?
What I hope this brings out though is some smiles when visitors of the new home take a look at this carpenter’s first artistic endeavor. 🙂



“You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin’ to? You talkin’ to me? Well I’m the only one here. Who the f*ck do you think you’re talking to?”
Powerful lines.
Iconic lines delivered by De Niro in Taxi Driver.
A film by Martin Scorsese.

The Scorsese.
We’ve all heard of a director’s chair. Woodstocks kicks it a notch higher with this director’s bed/headboard for a local film director.

Two-inch thick planks form the bed frame. Upcycled floorboards for cross rails where the matress rests. Aside from pull out drawers underneath, nothing really special about this queen size bed.

The headboard was a different matter, though.
The client wanted something like (albeit simpler) the “Naked Amp” mural for his headboard.

The Scorsese was made from 1 ½ inch thick planks, bolted together to form a giant clapper, almost 4 feet tall from top of bed. A hand carved film strip relief was embeded on one side of the board counterbalancing a 3-inch angle bar, secured with buttonhead hex bolts, to border the opposite side. Embeded GI pipe fittings and bolted scooter sprockets aged to a pewter-like finish gives off a nice contrast to a Kamagong ‘camera box’ inlay.

Yes, we do custom sizes too.
So if you want something special done, it’s best that ‘you talkin’ to me’. 🙂

From one of my favorite sax players. Tom Scott on the alto.
Taxi Driver (Main Theme)




Headphone stands

hp aa




pipe lamp

Pipe Lamp

The toilet was down and the ceiling fan went south so I called my plumber and electrician to have a look.
They had a fight – each blaming the other for the foul ups in their job.
I had to leave for the office and I told them to quit it – stop all the bickering and that I wanted to get their jobs done when I came back.

They did stop fighting and put their heads together to get something done.

This was it.

Oh, and by the way, the toilet is still down and the ceiling fan is still south. . . 😦


Ubder Pressure

More repurposing.
Discarded 30 gallon stainless steel pressure tank welded to legs made of ¾ GI pipes.
UnderPresure a steampunk inspired grill from Woodstocks

The Kabuki Table also comes in a six-seater and center table.

radiator bench
radiator bench
A variation of the Radiator Stool – this time on a 3-seater bench.


For orders and inquiries:
0915 9091307

13 Responses to “WoodStocks”
  1. Anonymous says:

    your works make me cry. it’s like they’re all so great i wish i could buy them all. i’m just looking for a rack for my turntable amp and records but i just can’t.. i couldn’t even.. needless to say, i find your concept and craftsmanship quite admirable.

    • bb3 says:

      Many thanks for your kind words.
      Bragging aside, the pics really don’t do justice to the pieces.
      Feeling the old timber finished to a smooth finish takes on a different level.
      Hope you do have a chance to swing by and see some pieces.

  2. Mr. Engracia says:

    Hi, do you deliver on bigger items? Piece of art and gave another life to an old timber. Impress with your work.

  3. Anil Srivastava says:

    medieval purity has returned in your designs

  4. Jorenz says:

    Hi! Very much taken by your craftsmanship 🙂 Do you have a place where you display your work? Would like to visit along with the commander if you do.

    • bb3 says:

      Hi Jorenz,
      Thanks for the kind words.
      Sorry, I don’t have a display place since the pieces are on made-to-order basis.
      I do have a few pieces here at home which you might want to check out.
      You’re very welcome to come over. It’s here in Xavierville QC.

      Boy Bustamante

  5. Michael Gonzales says:

    Really interested to look at your rustic audio racks for my TT. Do you have a showroom that I can visit?

  6. Ginie Morales says:

    Boy, do you still make these pieces? Ganda! Am interested in the wood crates – will need a few only. Hm?

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